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Book Return 2023

Look for your child's grade and homeroom teacher's name.

Classes go to library one letter day per cycle.

Please help students remember to bring their books back on these days:

Students can log into the library catalog to check which books have been checked out and when they are due.  You can also view replacement cost for any lost items.

Here is how to view a student's account.

Self Contained

Ms. Henderson (E Day)

Ms. McCabe(F Day)


Ms. Cruz (F Day)

Ms. Davis (D Day) 

Ms. Hrazanek (F Day)

Ms. Luft (C Day)

Ms. Betancourt (E Day)

1st Grade

Ms. Avezzano (F Day)

Ms. Green (D Day)

Ms. Lugo (B Day)

Ms. Lopez (A Day)

Ms. DeLaCruz (D Day)

2nd Grade

Ms. Adlman (E Day)

Ms. Causa (C Day)

Ms. Reitano (E Day)

Ms. Salerno (C Day)

Ms. Ugarte-Ramirez (D Day)

3rd Grade

Ms. Arapa (B Day)

Ms. Fowler (B Day)

Ms. Hirsch (A Day)

Ms. Pittman (A Day)

Ms. Smith (D Day)

4th Grade

Ms. Appel (A Day)

Ms. Brown (B Day)

Ms. Marrero (F Day)

Dr. Reilly (A Day)

Ms. Tellez (B Day)

5th Grade

Ms. Bradish (C Day) 

Ms. Hall (E Day) 

Ms. Miller (D Day)

Ms. Saylor (C Day)

Ms. Sosa (F Day)