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Math Resources for Parents

 Math Symbols  Math Resources for Parents



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new Additional Math at Home Resources to check out!  Books, Websites and Games!
 Homework: Helpful Things to Say  Math is Fun
 Help Your Child See How Mathematics is a Part of Daily Life    I Love Math

What You Can Do at Home to Support Mathematics

English and Spanish 

 Parent Helping Student
 Children's Books That have Mathematical Themes  Math Book
 Great Math Apps  
 Popular Math Read Aloud Books (GoodReads)  
 Free Math Worksheets  
 Cool Math 4 Kids  -Math games and practice.
 Equals Math  -Solve different math problems to create a puzzle.

-Covers several math concepts, i.e. addition, subtraction, time, skip counting, and money. 

 Fun 4 The Brain  Addition and subtraction games.
 Math Playground  Math activities providing flashcards for students to increase speed with math facts.