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About Us

At Church Street, we are committed to helping all children develop the intellectual, academic, and social skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges and demands of the 21st century. Our dedicated staff sets high academic expectations while creating a safe and secure student-centered learning environment to foster respect of individual differences. Our school believes that a curriculum emphasizing science and technology affords our children the special opportunity to be self-motivated observers, interpreters, and problem solvers within their world.

While science and technology are at the core of our instruction, our teachers collaborate to develop thematic units of study emphasizing the connections between different content areas that help students develop the "big ideas" so important to concept development. Grade-specific units connect the areas of English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies and include many "hands-on" activities to make learning meaningful – as well as fun. Furthermore, our boys and girls are encouraged to do many types of writing-narrative, expository, persuasive – in an effort to assist them with becoming effective communicators.

We acknowledge, also, the importance of parent partnership as key to ensuring students’ academic, social and emotional success at school. Through the support of our PTA and School-Based Council, Church Street families participate in activities throughout the school year including: Parents-As-Reading-Partners, Carnival, Math/Science/Technology Fair, Book Fair, Author Visits, and trips to many interesting and educational destinations. Additionally, workshops, on topics of interest identified by parents, are conducted throughout the year to assist parents in supporting their youngsters at home.



Myra Castillo